Monday, May 31, 2010

Adorning the walls (and doors)

I have decided it is high time I stopped hiding all my paper crafting away in albums and created some lovely things to adorn the walls of our home. So, a couple of monograms and Ikea photo frames here, and a lot of hand cutting later I have made these.

Not terribly complicated but I love them all the same. The H is for Harry's bedroom door and the A for Alex's, the 'create' word, which I covered in the most gorgeous Paperchase wrapping paper, will go on my Expedit craft storage and the frames I think will go on the landing but possibly in my new bedroom once it gets re-decorated. I am spying some absolutely yummy fabrics this evening to make into cushions and other soft furnishings, I want them all sob!

Oh, I almost forgot, I said I would share pictures of the fabric hair corsage I made to wear to a wedding next month using a Youtube tutorial. Here we go.

Do a search on Youtube, search for anything, it's amazing what you can learn!

I'll leave you with a picture of my little devil, ahem, I mean cutie who has this weekend been at my lovely expensive make-up - mummy is not impressed, especially when my bronzing brush turned my face black (but how can she stay mad with a smile like that?!)

Byeeee for now!


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