Friday, November 28, 2008


... Alexander Edward, born 11/11/08 at 10.15am, weighing 6lb 3oz.

(Pictured here at 17 days old.)

I went overdue again and made it to 41 weeks, same as with Harry, and this time my labour was really fast once it got going - we almost didn't make it to the hospital in time!

Apologies for not updating before now, life with a newborn and almost four-year-old is pretty hectic! Alex is so easy, he feeds, he sleeps and he poos, that's about it for now, and it's usually pretty easy to work out what he's after, and he's a good sleeper. Harry is at that challenging age and I can't take my eyes off him for a second or he's climbing on this, colouring on that. He loves being a big brother though and is constantly kissing and hugging poor Alex!

As for me I'm feeling great, so much better for not having drugs in labour (once it was over anyway!) and we came home the same afternoon. Now I'm trying to keep our routine as normal as possible for Harry and Alex is fitting in just nicely.

I love being a mummy to a newborn again, I'm so lucky. Although Alex has already changed so much - make him stop!

Natalie x