Sunday, May 17, 2009

Don't stop me now!

Now I've got scrapping again there's just no stopping me lol! Even though I have umpteen other projects on the go (including knitting and sewing - I just completed a mei tai, otherwise known as a baby carrier/sling) I keep coming back to my lovely photos and patterned paper. I'm loving taking such sweet photos of Alex. He's such a happy smiley baby and always willing to pose for the camera - unlike Harry, who at four years old just isn't interested in co-operating any more!

The photos on the layout above were taken this Friday evening when we gave Alex some potato wedges as a finger food meal, and he demolished most of them like he had been doing it forever. He does love his food!

I'm almost ashamed to say it, but in three years of scrapping this is my first Christmas-themed layout. The typical red and green coloured papers just never took my fancy, or my hurried photos of Christmas morning just never got my inspiration flowing when it came to sitting down and turning them into a LO. These photos are of course different and finally, with help from a Page Map (and Rachel for lending me her tools, thanks hun!) I have scrapped them. It's a simple layout, because I wanted to keep the attention on the photos of Harry and Alex in their Christmas outfits. I'm also pleased with the fact it's a double layout, which is very rare from me.

There are now less than 3 weeks until the great GoGoGetaway and I really can't wait to find out what's in store - the sneak preview of the classes look fab. Just need to get printing lots more photos now!
Natalie x

Monday, May 11, 2009

Should I have done that?!

In preparation for the great GoGoGetaway in less than 4 weeks time (OMG, eek I'm so excited!) I have been printing off my favourite photos, matching cardstock, patterned papers, alphabets and embellies and putting together some kits ready to scrap into LOs while I'm there.

I was doing really well and had made several kits, and then today I was itching to do some scrapping. So with the boys in bed early I sat down and completed one. Ooops. Never mind. I still have time to replace it and more, and in the meantime I have the above LO to add to Alex's first album.

The pictures were taken early last month, just after Alex had mastered sitting unaided at not even five months (my clever boy!). It was a lovely afternoon so out we went into the garden and I snapped these of him sitting on the lawn. The t-shirt he was wearing (a gift when he was born) matches the vibrant Sassafrass Lass papers, and as soon as I saw them I thought of this photo. And although I was a bit nervous scrapping such bright colours, and although it took forever to position all my pieces in a way I was happy with, I'm really happy with the finished result. I *whispers* feel like I might even have found my mojo again, hurrah!
Natalie x

Monday, May 04, 2009

Second gear, gaining speed steadily!

Alex is almost six months old and is finally starting to go to bed earlier on an evening, which means I finally have a little more time to myself and, of course, to scrap. Hurrah!

So I now have a few layouts to share, scrapped over the last month or so (I told you I'm only getting there, lol!).

The above layout is of a favourite photo of my husband and baby son, scrapped using some lovely embellies my mum brought me back from Florida, with matching papers. I just need to finish it with a little machine stitching around the border (must do that soon!)

This next layout I did a few weeks back, and then misplaced. I looked everywhere for it, but couldn't trace it, then today it mysteriously turned up in the place I left it and had looked a thousand times. Very strange. Lots of cutting, stitching and glittering on this one. :)

This was completed at a crop last month. It was a scraplift but I'm not too sure it works here. Ho hum.

I scrapped this layout last week after admiring the cartoon hen on the front of a book my son got with a chocolate Easter egg and copying it using patterned paper. I finally used up some old stash too (well I didn't have much choice seeing as I haven't bought anything new in about six months now, gasp!)

And finally, this was scrapped with my good friend Rachel's help (thank you hun!) for the Scrapagogo GoGoGetaway challenge to scrap a layout about yourself. The required colours (green, orange and yellow) are not my favourites at all, and I was dreading using them, but actually I kinda like it. :)

So that's me, back on the scrabooking wagon at last - long may that last! Now all I need to do is find time to blog, and I'm laughing!

Natalie x x x