Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Hope you had a good night all you Trick or Treat-ers, and that the rest of you didn't suffer too many little hoodlums! It was very quiet round here this year, we have loads of mini Mars and Twix bars left, which is not good news for my expanding waist!

Anyway, I just wanted to post a piccie of this year's pumpkin effort. I try to do one each year to place in the window, although this was a bit last minute and went a bit wrong. I don't think it looks too bad though, even if his teeth are chipped and the whole thing is being held together with cocktail sticks! Lol!

From Spain to rain

Well I'm back from sunnier climes - scorching temperatures in fact - to raining old England. And now I've got over the 2am flight and not knowing what time it was because of the clocks going back I'm finally checking into my blog again.
We had a lovely time, mostly, although poor Harry wasn't too keen on Mallorca. He whined almost non stop. I don't know if it was the heat, being in a strange place or just boredom but he wasn't a happy bunny. Still, we managed to get some nice pictures of the three of us during the week, which I can't wait to scrap. Here are a couple of my favourites:

I hardly managed to get any scrapping done on holiday. I'd planned to scrap on the balcony while Harry slept at night but there was no light out there and by the time Harry did finally go to sleep each evening I was ready for bed too. So I'm way behind with my You Think You Know Me project now, I've got happy, sad and now confused done, but hopefully once I'm back at my desk later this week I should be able to get on with the others quite quickly. I'd like to get it finished as it's not very often I complete a project, most of mine are on-going like my Book of Me, or albums or Harry. Although I need to do one on our holiday too now!

Right, better get back to work, that is what I'm being paid for after all! See you all soon. :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

What a difference a year makes!

Another busy evening at my desk and tonight I have completed my sad LO for Shimelle's You Think You Know Me project. Yes, I know I was only meant to be preparing LOs to do while I'm away, but this came together so quickly I just had to finish it. I think this is the fastest I've ever done a LO, it's also the first time I've not used a photo or any stash, shudder! But I like it. I didn't want to spend too long on it because of the emotions it might stir up, but at the same time I'm glad I did do it and I think it will be an important part of my album in years to come.

Anyway, there was a reason for the title of today's post and that is my son's latest nursery picture, which we received today. He looks so cute but so grown up with that "I'm about to do something naughty" look on his face! I've just compared it to last year's, when he was just 8-months-old and I can't believe how much he's changed and grown and developed. He's no longer happy to sit and grin for the camera and unable to stand or walk because he knows he could be off doing something much more interesting like emptying the cupboards or eating scraps of food he's had stashed away for the last three days, yuck! My little boy is growing up and the time is slipping through my fingers.

And yes, I do realise he needs a hair cut! LOL!

Bye for now :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lovin' this project!

I've really gotten into Shimelle's You Think You Know Me project this week. There are some great ideas floating around and I've seen some shining examples of how it can be done so far, plus the prompts are really helping me to get on with mine, which I think is coming along ok.

Tonight I finished my first LO, about being happy. I was only meant to prepare the stash I needed for it so I could take it with me on holiday on Saturday and do some on an evening while ds is asleep, but as usual I got carried away and suddenly it was done! But hey, I can do that for the rest of the album can't I? I'm glad I did finish it, it means I have something to admire in my lovely album and follow when completing LOs for the other emotions.

I'm so excited because I've just been speaking to my mum on the phone from Florida and I love her so much right now (EVEN more than I do anyway!) because she has taken my scrapbooking wish list into Scrapbook Boutique, Michael's and Jo-Ann's and bought pretty much everything on there! I only gave her a list so she could pick a few things out on her travels! I can't wait until she gets back on November 1 to see and stroke it all, although I don't think I can wait that long!

Better go, I promised dh I wouldn't be on here all night again! See you soon you crazy scrappers you :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Keeping my promise...

... to regularly update my blog from now on, although we're only on day two so no prizes for me just yet I guess!

Just received the second prompt for Shimelle's You Think You Know Me project and the examples are just gorgeous. I'm hoping to make a start tonight as I want to keep up with it, but I feel so zonked after staying up late last night to decorate my album I don't know if I should scrap or curl up on the sofa with dh for a bit (do the good wifey bit!) Anyway, here is the fruit of my loins:

I'm really pleased with how it looks. Although now I've seen the examples I almost with I had time to make my own from scratch. Still it's not bad for a bargain find in Poundworld, and yes it cost just £1! I've covered it in sticky-back plastic and added strips of pattened paper, some blossoms, monograms and a book plate. Need to do the inside and add some ribbon though to finish off.

I also completed this layout from a Little Cottage Crafts cyber crop class by Eva, which is just stunning. The picture is of me and a friend dressed up for ladies day at the races for my mum's hen do last summer. I'm impressed that the page uses only papers and a little (homemade) chipboard accents and yet I love it. Less really is more!

Work is hectic, as always, although I only have another 3 days to go before my week off and before we go to Mallorca for a week. I can't wait, it will be our first holiday since our honeymoon two years ago and our first with Harry. And boy do we need it after the last month with this nightmare kitchen (which is still ongoing, it's n but now we're waiting for an upstand, pelmet, tiling and painting!) and other things getting us down too.

But then that's why I scrap, to sit at my desk with the pc on, a magazine or book to hand and to just forget about my day while I get my latest idea down on paper. I seem to be on a bit of a roll lately, so long may that continue please!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm baaaaaaack!

Did you miss me?! Sorry I haven't posted in over a month, things have been far too hectic for my liking what with the new kitchen fitting from hell, overtime at work and trying to get ready for our holiday next week. But I will make more of an effort to check in more often from now on!
Anyway, despite the madness I've finally got some scrapping done this week, thanks to the Leeds crop (in aid of breast cancer awareness month) and the weekend cyber crop at Little Cottage Crafts (which reminds me, I need to go check on today's classes). I've done my CJ entries, altered a tin (a UKS cyber crop class by Lianne at Little Silver Hat) and completed a couple of layouts too, one of which I'm really proud of. The idea just popped into my head and I was actually able to get it down on paper as good as I imagined with no help or inspiration from books, magazines or the internet. I've been trying to break into this style for a while and I'm so pleased I finally did it!

I've also signed up to Shimelle's You Think You Know Me class, which is looking very exciting. I'm looking forward to this and I hope it will help me kick start my Book of Me, which I've been meaning to make a start on for a good while now. I must get my workbook finished asap and get on with choosing/making an album for my layouts to go in.

Right, better go get on with things, lots to do, lots to do, as always! Happy scrappin'!