Sunday, September 11, 2011

Love Wool - yes I do!

Just popping on quickly on my iPhone to show you what I got up to this weekend...

On Saturday I met up with knitting group friends Naomi, Kate, Hannah and Jenny at a Love Wool UK event in the stunning Leeds Corn Exhange, where fellow knitter Steph was selling her fab stitch markers and Rachel was helping teach visitors to knit.

Aren't they just fab?! I have a couple of her sets, including one gifted for my birthday (yay I'm so lucky!) and I adore them.

There were other fab stalls at the event, including the fabulous Baa Ram Ewe at Headingley and Armley Mills - a visit there is actually really long overdue, and more so now I have discovered they have a Saturday knitting group!

It was fab to catch up with the girls - something I haven't been able to do lately because of the extra hours I have to do at work this month. Rubbish. And it was also fab to eye up all the pretty items for sale, as well as sit and knit while ooohing and aaahhhing over everyone's works in progress and finished items too. Inspirational as always.

(these pics are borrowed from
rachel's brilliant blog post over at - sure she won't mind, I'll sit on the naughty step if she does lol!)

And later on, we saw the awesome, amazing Leeds' very own Kaiser Chiefs at another historic city location - Kirkstall Abbey.

To see them live finally at one of my favorite childhood places to visit (we lived just around the corner til I was 16) was just absolutely fantastic and I loved every minute of it.

(stage is right, historic medieval ruins to the left!)

Not amazing photos as they were taken on my iPhone but we were about 4 people short of the front and it was Just wow, wow, wow!

And today we just chilled out, visited my grandma and I ploughed on with my Lauriel - I'm on the first sleeve now having knit the border already and yay, the end is finally in sight! Hope to show you soon :)


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

All work, and no play...

... makes Natalie a very unhappy bunny. But that's the way it is this month at work, I'm either working (crazy long hours) or trying to make little bits of time here and there for my poor neglected boys. It's pretty rubbish.

Despite this I have managed to make some progress on Lauriel, not as much as I would have liked or thought I would have by now, but it's certainly not to be scoffed at. So I thought I'd pop on and share with you all, seeing as once again, already, it's WIP Wednesday!

Colour most accurate on this last photo - rhubarb not purple!

As you can see I have cast off the whole body section, hurrah! I'm going to knit the border next, and then I can use the rest of the yarn left to knit the sleeves, hopefully as long as I like them. I'm a bit nervous about knitting the border and sleeves, as picking up stitches and knitting in the round is not my best skill, and I really don't want to muck this up (again). At least I wouldn't have to frog back the body this time I guess. I think I might wait until I can get a quick pointer from my friends at knitting group, although it's likely I won't be able to go until October because of my long work hours. :(

So in the meantime, to keep me busy and out of trouble, I have cast on my Tembo. This is a gorgeous autumn winter cardigan that I hope will knit up a bit quicker than Lauriel, seeing as it calls for aran yarn. It's so blumming cold here in the UK already, I actually neeeeeed it right now!

So that's me, I better get ready for another 10-hour shift at work, groan. Can't say when I'll be back with more updates, but hopefully I'll have something more to show you soon. Thanks for stopping by as always.



P.S. I finally remembered to randomly pick a winner for the lovely Olivia Rubin scarf I promised to give away for my birthday - sorry for the delay. And here's the winner... (drum roll please!)...

Blogger Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

Lovely FO! It would work with a long sleeved t-shirt in the cold too - very nice!

My favourite fragrance..? The smell of rain on a hot day!

Have a lovely weekend
11:29 AM
Congratulations Sarah! If you could please e-mail me your address I'll get that out to you asap - although I'll try get in touch this evening in case you don't see this.