Friday, June 30, 2006

Phew! I'm done... oh wait.

Well after almost two years of marriage I've finally got round to doing something with the hundreds of wedding photos we have stored on our pc. I decided to create my own simple-but-elegant digital LOs and incorporate these into a Photobox photobook. And what better time than while the site is running a BOGOF offer. Only until midnight on June 30 though, hence the reason why I'm still sat using the laptop into the early hours.
Anyway, I'm not actually quite done yet. I still have to scan a couple more photos in tomorrow and insert the LOs into the photobook software, but all the LOs are done, which is the majority of work complete. Oh wait, no, I forgot the confetti shots. Oh well, the slog continues then LOL! Here are a couple of the pages.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nowhere is safe!

Well that's it! My bank card is no longer safe during the week while I'm at work because in a small town where I thought there were no scrapbooking or crafts shops I stumbled across one by accident (no, honestly!). It's above a lovely little sewing shop that I called into to nosy at ribbons for a UKS ribbon swap, and during a chat with the shop owner - during which I told her I was a scrapbooker - she directed me to the floor above and lo and behold, a mini scrapbooking paradise!

With all the new stash I can already feel myself NEEDING to buy I'm thankful I finally have my own scrapping area and adequate storage at last. For the last six months I have shared a tiny desk with my husband and his trillions of computer parts, but now I have a lovely corner desk with storage above and matching shelves. It's so good to finally have my own space that I can spread out on.

Anyway, as this is my first post I really should tell you a bit more about me and how I came to start scrapbooking. I guess I stumbled across that too really. I wanted to do something a little different with the hundreds of digital photographs I had taken of my son Harry since his birth in February 2005 and a fellow member of a baby forum pointed me in the direction of the UKS website. And that's it, I've never looked back. Only six months later it has taken over my every waking moment. I want to scrap all the time, anything and everything, although I'm meant to be working on an album of my son's first year, but I just keep getting distracted by so many other wonderful memories and opportunities and projects like the 8x8 album I made for my niece's first birthday this month. I'm also trying to complete a few more pages in my Book of Me or BOM and I've just signed up for a CJ - my theme is favourite colours (mine is turquoise by the way!) so that will keep me pretty busy for a while! I really do eat, breathe and sleep scrapbooking!