Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back shortly!

Sorry for the break guys, I've been so busy working full time again and it's really tiring me out. I've only been back five weeks and I've already had tonsilitis again. I'm also on a healthy eating diet now after allowing the weight to sneakily creep on, so instead of snacking on an evening I've been going to bed early and getting enough sleep to allow me to get up early, shower AND have breakfast, which is nice now I'm getting used to it!

Anyway, so with all that going on, and the refurbishment of the bathroom, I haven't been near my craft area in a couple of weeks. However, since as I have a CJ to make, design team calls to enter and a birthday card for dh to make this week, normal service should be resumed shortly!

See you soon! :)

Natalie x