Thursday, September 02, 2010

Time for a beret

I started this lovely Ravelry beret pattern almost a week ago and finished it on Tuesday. It was easy enough - until I got to the shaping that is. Trying to knit in the yarn over swirl pattern while making sure the rest is in perfect seed stitch was near impossible. It was knitting up a right mess, and got so tight and tricky towards the end, although it looks ok now it is finished and blocked. I would knit another, but it would definitely be in stockinette stitch!

Although we've been having some warm weather these first couple of days of September, the mornings have been quite cool and no doubt it will be really cold soon, so this should be just the ticket. Plus the nice bright purpley pink colour isn't too wintery, which is handy as it's only very early autumn! I do like it though. It seemed to be knitting up very small and I thought I'd have to give it away to one of my nieces, but after blocking it fits beautifully. And I finally used this lovely Rowan wool that I bought earlier this year in a closing down sale - hurrah!

I will try and get some better photos and maybe even a couple of me wearing it if I can find ten minutes and convince hubby to become temporary photographer lol!

Next up is a hat for Harry, at his request, and then a cute little one for Alex (not that he will keep it on, you understand!)

So, what else is new, hmmmmm. Well you may have noticed I've changed my blog background! I just fancied a change, so I Googled for free backgrounds and found some fantastic sites with lots of beautiful designs. This one matches the theme for my new bedroom (nearly there now, it's just finding time with work being so hectic right now!). And if you're reading this through Google Reader/RSS and/or on your mobile device you won't have a clue what I'm talking about lol!

Back soon!