Saturday, January 27, 2007

More piccies!

Managed to get a good (enough) photo of last night's LO using the new kitchen worktop and overhead halogen lights - well it's a lot better than in my dim scraproom anyway!

Also, just made this very quick card to say congratulations to my crop friend Karen and her husband, who have had a baby boy. I'm sure Karen won't be looking and that it's safe to post this here, she'll no doubt be a bit busy now she has two young sons to look after!And thanks to Anthea for introducing me to those wonderful glitter glues, how fabby are those?! :oD

Right, off to watch a clip of Harry as a baby then Pirates of the Carribean 2, bye for now! xxx

Double makeover!

Both my blog and me have both had a much-needed makeover and I'm sure you'll agree we look much better! I had dyed my hair back to brown with blonde streaks before having to model for a crowd of photographers for a lecture my mum and step-dad were hosting. This picture is one that was taken on the day and one of my favourites.

And then I've used the same picture to re-design my blog banner. The old one was bright enough, but a bit too plain and boring and outdated for me now. So after a bit of a play in Photoshop this afternoon with some scrummy Rhonna Farrer digital goodies I've made this one. Hope you all like it, I do.

Managed to get some scrapping done last night, not anything on my urgent 'to do' list, but a fun LO of Harry being messy with his spaghetti and his favourite foods at 23 months old. I'm still waiting for the batteries to charge so will take a picture during daylight tomorrow and upload then.

Bye for now! :oP

Friday, January 26, 2007

Romantic ribbons

Spent a lovely day playing with Harry and doing a little bit of ribbon shopping for a swap I'm in. Valentine's Day isn't far off, so my colours are romantic pinks, purples and a dark peach, with primas thrown in for good measure. I can't wait to get a nice mix back soon, I just lurve ribbons and primas, I just need to use them more! I'm also in a Valentine love swap, which I really must start getting on with, along with my mum's birthday present and something for my beloved husband so he doesn't feel left out! Lol! I'll be away on the actual day, so I must leave him something nice to make up for it.
One of the possibilities is this beautiful sei Twitterpated scrapbook in a box kit that arrived at my door this morning. It's this month's free subscription gift from Scrapbook Inspirations magazine and it's utterly gorgeous! I had a sheet of it before and used almost every last square inch on several LOs and cards, so something tells me I'm going to enjoy this one. :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Revealed! Ta da!

Here's my first Kraft Stop design team projects, using the delicious supplies sent to us lucky gals courtesy of the very lovely Lynn.

Well I had fun with these, although I found using the Christmas-themed papers quite difficult at first as I just seem to struggle with festive LOs and cards. But the summery sheets were a doddle. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them (having previously used the same papers to do a LO) and I turned them into a minilope for my best friend and Harry's god mummy. And do you know what? I think she liked it!
Not been doing much scrapping of late as we've been really busy getting on with decorating our kitchen now the final parts have been fitted. It's a huge task involving stripping wallpaper, patching and sanding the walls, plastering, re-papering, painting, re-painting all the woodwork and radiators and tomorrow my step-dad is coming to do the tiling. Phew. It's costing a small fortune, even though it should have been finished months ago and we thought we had it all covered, but I don't care if I'm going to be skint all month, it's worth it. And I'll be skint anyway because I'm squirrelling money away to go stash shopping in Florida in minus 22 days and counting! Woo hoo!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Love to crop

Really enjoyed yesterday's Leeds crop again. I didn't get as much done as I had planned to as usual, just a single LO in fact, but I love the LO I did and getting to have a play with Kirsty's Craft Robo was great fun. I have got to get one of these very soon, once I'm back from holiday and can start saving again properly! Anyway, inspired by the amazing Elsie Flannigan herself I decided to try some acrylic painting on acetate and it worked great. The title (rub a dub Jubb, Jubb in a tub) is what we say to Harry when he has a bath, what with our surname being Jubb and all! LOL! I'm so chuffed I actually managed to use more than 1 photo on a LO and for once I made it 12x12 without making it look empty and lost. Unfortunately my photography skills aren't as good and getting a decent picture of it has proved unsuccessful, but here's my effort anyway!

Just been relaxing today and spending the day with family to celebrate Gareth's grandma's 70th birthday. Harry is still tiring us out, his routine this weekend is shot to pieces and late afternoon naps have made him hyper at bedtime and really hard to settle. Hopefully he's down for the night now and will sleep past 5am, which was what time he had me up this morning, yawn!

And on that note I better get some sleep otherwise I will fall asleep at my desk tomorrow. Bye for now!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Roll on tomorrow!

And I might actually get some scrapping done then! This week has been one mad blur of work, fantastic news and tidying out and I haven't had a moment to sit down and scrap. But that doesn't matter, because next month Harry and me are jetting off to Florida! My mum and step-dad have a villa there and are staying there next month and we are flying out to meet them and spend a week with them and my sister and grandma. I can't wait, although I'm not looking forward to a nine-hour daytime flight with a very-almost two-year-old on my knee. I'll just have to do lots of scrummy stash shopping to make it up for it when we get there! And at least we're all flying home together so I might actually get to eat on the way back (toddler on knee and fold down tables do not add up.) I wonder what Harry will make of Disney, I hope he likes Mickey as he's been getting a bit scared of costumes recently, it's like he knows! I also had a court case against me dropped, it was brought by a woman who knocked my car after turning the wrong way into a one-way car park. So that's a big relief and means I can enjoy the holiday without worrying about it now.

Anyway, as I was saying, tomorrow is the monthly Leeds crop and I have plenty to be getting on with including my mum's birthday present. I am making her a recipe tin using the recipes she learnt in school. She's lent me her exercise books and I'm going to scan and print them out onto recipe cards. There's even one my nana wrote in the back, walnut and date loaf, it was her favourite. She'd been looking after them all those years and we found it after she died. Bless her. I also want to complete the January page of the calandar I meant to complete ready for 2007. I'm going to do one page each month this year, which is a commitment I can cope with, and then it will be all ready for 2008. And finally I must finish the latest CJ and get it posted on schedule this time!

Anyway, just a little LO to share with you this time. It was a quite quick and simple one that I had to do to satisfy my craving to scrap the other night and to try out my unopened square punch. It did make me feel better!

Bye for now!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

My first post of 2007, can you believe it's here already?! Ok, so I'm three days behind everyone else but I've been busy, working mainly, no rest for the wicked and all that! I did get a really positive appraisal today though and there seems to many more opportunities for me to develop in my career, so I'm really pleased with that. :)

Anyway, you want to hear about scrapping, right? Well, I've not done much since New Year's Eve, other than another CJ entry, a bit behind schedule but better late then never I suppose. Here's a sneaky peek (and if you are in my CJ team, look away now! You have been warned!)

Just been relaxing and surfing the internet in front of the tv tonight, after such a late night scrapping last night and Harry practicing his escaping from his new toddler bed almost every hour through the night. Not too impressed by this year's Celebrity Big Brother hopefuls, or should that be nobodies! It seems to get worse every year doesn't it? Oh well, it might improve later (I'm not holding my breath though!)
Bye for now! :)