Saturday, January 27, 2007

Double makeover!

Both my blog and me have both had a much-needed makeover and I'm sure you'll agree we look much better! I had dyed my hair back to brown with blonde streaks before having to model for a crowd of photographers for a lecture my mum and step-dad were hosting. This picture is one that was taken on the day and one of my favourites.

And then I've used the same picture to re-design my blog banner. The old one was bright enough, but a bit too plain and boring and outdated for me now. So after a bit of a play in Photoshop this afternoon with some scrummy Rhonna Farrer digital goodies I've made this one. Hope you all like it, I do.

Managed to get some scrapping done last night, not anything on my urgent 'to do' list, but a fun LO of Harry being messy with his spaghetti and his favourite foods at 23 months old. I'm still waiting for the batteries to charge so will take a picture during daylight tomorrow and upload then.

Bye for now! :oP


Caz said...

Nat, what a fab picture and header. Your Blog & you are both looking great.

Thirteen Pink Ladybirds said...

Love the new banner! You go Nat! Lookin' good...

tracy-lihanne said...

just lurve the new banner, fab pic of you to.

Claire said...

Well Nat both you and your blog look wonderful, love the hair colour!
Thinking I should give this banner lark a go, but too scared LOL