Sunday, January 14, 2007

Love to crop

Really enjoyed yesterday's Leeds crop again. I didn't get as much done as I had planned to as usual, just a single LO in fact, but I love the LO I did and getting to have a play with Kirsty's Craft Robo was great fun. I have got to get one of these very soon, once I'm back from holiday and can start saving again properly! Anyway, inspired by the amazing Elsie Flannigan herself I decided to try some acrylic painting on acetate and it worked great. The title (rub a dub Jubb, Jubb in a tub) is what we say to Harry when he has a bath, what with our surname being Jubb and all! LOL! I'm so chuffed I actually managed to use more than 1 photo on a LO and for once I made it 12x12 without making it look empty and lost. Unfortunately my photography skills aren't as good and getting a decent picture of it has proved unsuccessful, but here's my effort anyway!

Just been relaxing today and spending the day with family to celebrate Gareth's grandma's 70th birthday. Harry is still tiring us out, his routine this weekend is shot to pieces and late afternoon naps have made him hyper at bedtime and really hard to settle. Hopefully he's down for the night now and will sleep past 5am, which was what time he had me up this morning, yawn!

And on that note I better get some sleep otherwise I will fall asleep at my desk tomorrow. Bye for now!

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Caroline said...

Lovely layout Natalie!