Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I can't believe I'm doing this, but here's my effort for the Scrap Your Bosoms challenge to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month on the It's a Creative World blog.

I quite like this, love the colours, and tried to incorporate a few different and new techniques or styles for me. It will do anyway!

Not much else to report, work has been mad today and I've only just finished from home so I doubt scrapping is on the agenda. Although I should really make a start on a few things I need to get finished like yesterday!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to the cold, dark nights

Got back from a wonderful, sunny seven days in Florida to, yep, you guessed it, good old English rain and, thanks to the clocks going back on Saturday night, cold, dark nights too.
But we all had such a lovely time. The weather was mostly good, including some scorching days in the theme parks, and I managed lots of stash, clothes and presents shopping in between visits to Sea World and Universal Studios and splashing with Harry, who has decided he absolutely loves swimming now (what a change from last time we went, he was water phobic and went into complete meltdown at the very sight of the pool!)

Here's some photos, which I hope to get round to scrapping VERY soon, using all the gorgeous new stash I bought there.

My favourite shop was by far Scrappy Boutique near Florida Mall. It's a lovely little shop, packed with brand new-release brand names, all absolutely gorgeous ranges and matching embellies. I bought almost everything I wanted and it still hardly cost anything. So any visitors to Florida, you must go check it out!

Managed a little scrapping tonight, a LO about my boobs. Yes, I said boobs (stop giggling at the back!). It's a challenge on the UKS website, and I'm just scraping in before Wednesday's deadline. Or I will be, if the batteries in the camera get put on charge so I can photograph and upload it.

Better get to bed, I can hear Harry still sat up in bed talking to his new Shamu cuddly toy - at 11.30pm! Something tells me I'm not going to get a good night's sleep tonight!



Monday, October 15, 2007

The countdown is on!

Less than four days now until I, sorry, we, jet off to Florida! I'm so excited, I have my list of scrapping shops, my shopping list and lots of space in my suitcase for all my bargains! We've just been to collect the last of our dollars too, they smell sooooo good!

Been a busy bee getting ready and scrapping too. Managed to get another CC LO done and also an autumnal one after taking hundreds of photos of mine and a friend's boys playing in the fallen leaves. We also took a trip to Eureka so I'm sure more LOs will follow soon. Must get my CJ done first though before I go.

I'm currently on a training course from work, which is going well, it's something new and interesting. Just hope I do ok with the practical stuff tomorrow. Then it's in work for just one mad day on Thursday and then we are off. Please let the weather stay nice for us!

Catch you soon, if not before we go then very soon after! :D


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A quick visit

Not been scrapping much lately, still, as I've had so much to battle against, again. I won't bore you with the details, but in a nutshell I've been rallying round for my mum who is devastated my step-dad is acting so badly and seems to have left for good and a work colleague of mine died very suddenly in a road accident a fortnight ago.

This year seems to have gone from bad to worse, thank goodness a holiday is just around the holiday and that we're now all going. Yep, me, dh and ds are flying to Florida next Friday for a whole week and I can't wait. Dh has never been before and I know he'll love it. The boys joining me is not going to scupper my plans to stash shop til I drop, and hopefully we'll get some lovely family pictures now.

I've started to get scrapping again thanks to a CC and the crops, although my mojo is still lacking. But if there's anything all this tragedy has taught me it's that I must stop moping and start living and just live every day to the full.
Here's my latest offerings. The first three are classes from the CC, the fourth is a complete scraplift of a LO in my favourites on my laptop (sorry, there's no name but you are one talented lady whoever you are!) and the fifth is my own work and a LO for an album I'm making of my granddad for my mum for Christmas.

Bye for now.....
Natalie x