Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A quick visit

Not been scrapping much lately, still, as I've had so much to battle against, again. I won't bore you with the details, but in a nutshell I've been rallying round for my mum who is devastated my step-dad is acting so badly and seems to have left for good and a work colleague of mine died very suddenly in a road accident a fortnight ago.

This year seems to have gone from bad to worse, thank goodness a holiday is just around the holiday and that we're now all going. Yep, me, dh and ds are flying to Florida next Friday for a whole week and I can't wait. Dh has never been before and I know he'll love it. The boys joining me is not going to scupper my plans to stash shop til I drop, and hopefully we'll get some lovely family pictures now.

I've started to get scrapping again thanks to a CC and the crops, although my mojo is still lacking. But if there's anything all this tragedy has taught me it's that I must stop moping and start living and just live every day to the full.
Here's my latest offerings. The first three are classes from the CC, the fourth is a complete scraplift of a LO in my favourites on my laptop (sorry, there's no name but you are one talented lady whoever you are!) and the fifth is my own work and a LO for an album I'm making of my granddad for my mum for Christmas.

Bye for now.....
Natalie x


jay670120 said...

Enjoy your hols ...i know how much you like florida & its nice to hear DH is going this time.
Maybe one day i'll be able to go working on DH to take me !!!!
Ive tagged you but dont worry if you dont want to take part find tagging naff a bit !!!!

Tracey said...

Great LO's Nat. Sorry about what's been happening lately hun - I had no idea. Hope to see and hear from you very soon after your holiday when you can relax a bit! Take care, Tx

TwinTrouble said...

Love all your layouts Nats... the one of your grandad looks really nice finished!

I agree about living life to the fullest... i'm sure we can spur each other on!