Sunday, September 09, 2007

A whole month again!

Sorry, as usual, didn't realise a whole month had passed without me updating on here. Yikes! There's been too much going on, birthday, anniversary, family problems, job stress, a job interview (didn't get it) and decorating and cleaning. I'm shattered.

Anyway, been doing a few LOs, mainly at crops, and here they are for your enjoyment or otherwise!

Better dash, dh and ds are getting grumpy! Hopefully I'll be back really soon to show you my creations using the gorgeous new PaperMania papers and vellums (yes, it's true, PaperMania has gone a bit gorgeous! You have to check them out!)
Byeeeee for now!


Anthea said...

Those LO's are looking good Nat!!

Keep your chin up gal... and make sure you have some relaxing 'me' time too!


Tassycrafty said...

This LO is absolutely fantastic. Love it!
You have been tagged too! I know tagging can be annoying but this one is a fun one, check out my blog for details!
You dont have to take part if you dont want to.

Sally Dawkins said...

hey hun was just reading thru your blog (got the link from PCJ) your stuff is soooo FABBY!!!!! i love it!!! you are such a creative and modern scrapper its just great!!!! its also nice to see someone about my age into scrapping i always felt i was a bit out of it being younger but i have come aross a few more youngies and its great as their work, like yours, is so refreshing and up to date. Keep it going its brill!!!!!
Well happy scrapping!! love Sally xxx

Sally Dawkins said...

oh ps, do you mind if i put your link on my blog?? like to look at your work and its easy to find it if its on my blog?
will wait to hear back before i do xxx