Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Slowly but surely...

... I am returning to scrapping, hurrah!

Since the birth of Alex almost three months ago (yes, three months, I know, where has the time gone?!) I haven't had a minute to myself, so scrapping has been off the menu. Until now. Thanks to a fab afternoon and evening spent with my lovely friends Erika and Rachel (hello!), and a not-too-fussy Alex being happy to sit and play, I managed to get not one but two layouts done. Ok, so the second still needs a little machine stitching around the edges and across the pleated paper, but I'll get there eventually!

Baby toes:

Getting into the sling of things:

Alex is doing great, he loves to feed, hates to sleep, but is generally a happy and content baby. And his constant smiling, giggling and gurgling is so infectious. He is piling on weight too, having gone from 6lb 3oz at birth up to 11lb 8oz at 8 weeks, and he is climbing up the charts and outgrowing all his clothes far too fast. Who wants to guess what he will weigh this week at 12 weeks?

Here are a couple of photos to get all broody over!

Sadly scrapping is now temporarily off the menu again as I have 150 funeral Order of Services to make in the next 48 hours for the funeral of my husband's lovely grandmother (any volunteers?!) and then I need to make a bundle of christening invitations for Alex's baptism in April (why do I take these things on by myself?!). But then I'll be back as I have so many lovely pictures of my boys that I want to scrap - and soon.

Natalie x