Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Harry!

My little boy is 2 and no longer a baby, I can't believe how fast the time has gone! It seems like only yesterday I was starring all gooey-eyed at him fast asleep in his hospital cot. But here he is, all grown up, copying everything we do, including cooking with the new play kitchen he unwrapped this morning, among other things.

He's had a great day at nursery and then we all went out for tea where he made us laugh by climbing and kneeling on the table to reach the bottom of the ice cream sundae dish with his spoon. The pictures are on my phone (yep, 3 photographers, 1 scrapper and not a camera in sight!) so as soon as I work out how to upload them I'll share.

Anyway, we've had a lovely evening, which I've finished by making yet another card, another birthday card for a certain someone (I won't say in case she is peeking!). This one was also taken from the Easy Patterns book I mentioned yesterday, but I've changed it quite a lot to suit the papers I chose. I like it, shame I have to give it away! Can't post a picture of that one yet as the batteries in my camera have died, probably best in case the recipient sees it!

Talking of cameras, hopefully some time next week dh should be getting a Nikon D80 (he thinks, the deliberations continue!) while I will be treating myself to a QuickKutz Silhouette, which seems to be much like the Craft Robo but with newly designed downloads available every fortnight to use if you wish. I can't wait, I just hope there are some left when I'm in the position to hand over the money!

Chat soon :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I promised Florida pictures...

... and here they are. I was hoping to take a lot more than I did, but with Harry not himself, the weather cold and lots of shopping to be done it just didn't happen. But here's a few I did take.

Hopefully you can expect a few more pictures this week as tomorrow is Harry's 2nd birthday, in fact in exactly 18 minutes it will be the exact time he was born two years ago, 24 minutes past midnight, February 28th 2005. I think at this point I was completely away with the fairies on pethidine and telling the midwives I'd had enough and was packing my bags and going home! I'd only been in hospital one hour when he came into the world, it was the best day of my life and gosh, that was two years ago! Where has my baby gone?! We're having a little get together on Saturday for him, to give me a chance to catch up with my friends and Harry the chance to play with their children. Really looking forward to it already. Just finished making his birthday card, and also this LO - my first 8.5x11 - taken when we visited The Deep last August. I love that picture. Both the card and LO were taken from sketches in the fantastic Creating Keepsakes Easy Patterns For Scrapbooking magazine/book that I picked up in the USA. It's filled with ideas for LOs, and shows you how best to use patterned paper, which I often struggle with it. Every page shows more gorgeousness and I would definitely recommend it.

See you soon!


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Florida baby yeah!

Almost forgot ti update my blog I've been so busy and jet lagged, zzzzzzz, hence why I'm still online at midnight, my body thinks it's only 7pm! Our flight was delayed 24 hours so only got back on Thursday, had a first aid course on Friday and been sorting out my neglected swaps today so not had time to stop and type yet!

Anyway Florida was amazing, not so much the weather (it was freezing in Disney World, I was soooo cold) but the stash shopping was just fantastic. I bought so much stuff, as I knew I would, including a tote and a Cuttlebug, which I just love and have almosr worn out already while cutting alphabets for a swap. It really does cut chipboard and embosses so well. I was also really pleased to find alphabets are quite reasonable to buy in the UK as well. They were my biggest bargains (the Cuttlebug was only $40, about £21) but there were just too many to mention. I'm still trying to find room for it all but I am a very happy bunny. Now all I need is some time to stop and scrap and use some of my new stash and hopefully produce something as good as LOs published in the US magazines, all I can say is wow, they are so inspiring (brought a few mags back as well in case you hadn't already guessed!)

Didn't take too many pictures while away, Harry was still getting over the flu and just wasn't himself and we didn't really get up to too much, apart from Disney and shopping of course! But I'll try and get dh to put my pc back together (don't ask!) and see if I can upload some tomorrow.

Bye for now. :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

All card-ed out!

Had another busy week, even more so because I've had everything to get ready before flying off to Florida on Tuesday. That included a birthday card for my mum, a Valentine's card for Gareth and a get well soon card for my boss's wife who has been poorly in hospital, poor thing. I'm no card maker, so my designs were card-lifted from the Doodlebug website gallery, but they still so long to make and get right!

I still have loads to do, although the list is getting shorter, just a Clippykits cosmetic bag, my mum's recipe tin and my CJ to do now. Tomorrow is the Leeds crop so hopefully I should get a fair bit done, at least I hope so as time is really running out now. I can't wait to get away though, I'm so looking forward to devouring all the goodies in the scrapbooking shops there and my mum has already booked me in for a two-hour class, bless her! But that means I have to take a few things with me, which leaves less room for new stash on the way back LOL!

Sorry I've not posted pictures of my returned CJ yet, I will get round to it soon I promise!

Bye for now!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

End of an era...

... or so it feels like. I'm talking about completing the last LO in my CJ group. I didn't want it to be over, but I'd been looking forward to this last one the most because I knew exactly the theme and photographs I was going to use. It's called Scent of a Woman and for me that meant my favourite perfume, Ralph Lauren Romance, and the occasions I've worn it for, including my wedding. I'm so pleased with it and feel so sad I can't keep it for myself, although I expect I will re-do it once I eventually get round to scrapping my wedding photos.

I also received my own CJ back today, and it was so exciting to open it up and see all the other inspirational LOs my team mates have produced for me to admire. I'll share some with you tomorrow, but for now I gotta go!

Catch you soon! :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Mmmmmm, fairy cakes, yummy!

Not done any scrapping again today or last night, just not been in the mood and have been feeling really sorry for myself still. So I decided to show Harry how to make fairy cakes instead. Or should that be rock cakes?! I'm no domestic goddess, more a domestic nightmare, so me being me I left them in a tad too long. They still taste nice though, but I don't think Shimelle needs to be panicking just yet! Lol!

Anyway, I've just been cheered up slightly by the news I'm going to take receipt of a free, new sewing machine tomorrow. It had been advertised through a website where people offer their unwanted items for free and people ask to take it off their hands. I've given a fair bit of stuff away recently after a clear out, and now I'm helping someone else out too, or rather they are helping me out! At the moment I'm borrowing my sister's machine but now I can give it back to her and play with my own to my heart's content. I can feel a stitched LO coming on! Anyway, if you haven't already go check out your local group, get signed up and start freecycling!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sneak Preview

This is my current project, which I'm sure I've told you about before. It's a recipe tin for all the recipes my mum wrote in her school jotters, with space for a very special one my nana included secretly, her favourite, walnut and date loaf. It will be my mum's birthday present later this month and I hope, when she opens it while we're on holiday, she'll like it. It's just a work in progress at the moment, the creative juices are not flowing today, but then I feel really down about all sorts of nonsense so it's not surprising. Think I will just surf the internet and sulk tonight and get back to scrapping tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day, right?