Saturday, February 24, 2007

Florida baby yeah!

Almost forgot ti update my blog I've been so busy and jet lagged, zzzzzzz, hence why I'm still online at midnight, my body thinks it's only 7pm! Our flight was delayed 24 hours so only got back on Thursday, had a first aid course on Friday and been sorting out my neglected swaps today so not had time to stop and type yet!

Anyway Florida was amazing, not so much the weather (it was freezing in Disney World, I was soooo cold) but the stash shopping was just fantastic. I bought so much stuff, as I knew I would, including a tote and a Cuttlebug, which I just love and have almosr worn out already while cutting alphabets for a swap. It really does cut chipboard and embosses so well. I was also really pleased to find alphabets are quite reasonable to buy in the UK as well. They were my biggest bargains (the Cuttlebug was only $40, about £21) but there were just too many to mention. I'm still trying to find room for it all but I am a very happy bunny. Now all I need is some time to stop and scrap and use some of my new stash and hopefully produce something as good as LOs published in the US magazines, all I can say is wow, they are so inspiring (brought a few mags back as well in case you hadn't already guessed!)

Didn't take too many pictures while away, Harry was still getting over the flu and just wasn't himself and we didn't really get up to too much, apart from Disney and shopping of course! But I'll try and get dh to put my pc back together (don't ask!) and see if I can upload some tomorrow.

Bye for now. :)

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Jen said...

what a bargain! :D