Friday, February 02, 2007

Mmmmmm, fairy cakes, yummy!

Not done any scrapping again today or last night, just not been in the mood and have been feeling really sorry for myself still. So I decided to show Harry how to make fairy cakes instead. Or should that be rock cakes?! I'm no domestic goddess, more a domestic nightmare, so me being me I left them in a tad too long. They still taste nice though, but I don't think Shimelle needs to be panicking just yet! Lol!

Anyway, I've just been cheered up slightly by the news I'm going to take receipt of a free, new sewing machine tomorrow. It had been advertised through a website where people offer their unwanted items for free and people ask to take it off their hands. I've given a fair bit of stuff away recently after a clear out, and now I'm helping someone else out too, or rather they are helping me out! At the moment I'm borrowing my sister's machine but now I can give it back to her and play with my own to my heart's content. I can feel a stitched LO coming on! Anyway, if you haven't already go check out your local group, get signed up and start freecycling!


Claire said...

aww hun, i know how you feel with low feeling, im suffering with my foot at the mo and its getting me down!! chin up sweetie xx

Love the little cakes, funny i heard about that free site tonight on tv, great concept. Looking forward to seeing your stiched LO

Cath said...

I'm a freecycle fan too!
Yummy cakes!
Hope you're feeling better again soon :)

Nat xxx said...

Mmm those cakes look yummy Natalie xx