Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Harry!

My little boy is 2 and no longer a baby, I can't believe how fast the time has gone! It seems like only yesterday I was starring all gooey-eyed at him fast asleep in his hospital cot. But here he is, all grown up, copying everything we do, including cooking with the new play kitchen he unwrapped this morning, among other things.

He's had a great day at nursery and then we all went out for tea where he made us laugh by climbing and kneeling on the table to reach the bottom of the ice cream sundae dish with his spoon. The pictures are on my phone (yep, 3 photographers, 1 scrapper and not a camera in sight!) so as soon as I work out how to upload them I'll share.

Anyway, we've had a lovely evening, which I've finished by making yet another card, another birthday card for a certain someone (I won't say in case she is peeking!). This one was also taken from the Easy Patterns book I mentioned yesterday, but I've changed it quite a lot to suit the papers I chose. I like it, shame I have to give it away! Can't post a picture of that one yet as the batteries in my camera have died, probably best in case the recipient sees it!

Talking of cameras, hopefully some time next week dh should be getting a Nikon D80 (he thinks, the deliberations continue!) while I will be treating myself to a QuickKutz Silhouette, which seems to be much like the Craft Robo but with newly designed downloads available every fortnight to use if you wish. I can't wait, I just hope there are some left when I'm in the position to hand over the money!

Chat soon :)


Anonymous said...

Aww Happy Birthday Harry :o)

I know what you mean about how fast they grow! I can't believe Ashton is 11 months today - nearly 1 :o( It is great to see them develop though :o)

Love Gems xxx

Skippie said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Harry :D

I too know what you mean. My little man is 3 (and a bit) and it seems only yesterday that he was a little baby xx