Friday, March 02, 2007

OMG I've been published!

Well ok, you could say being an employed journalist I see my work published every week, bit never before have I seen one of my LOs looking back at me in full colour from the pages of my favourite magazine. But there it was when I opened up my subscription copy of Scrapbook Inspirations this morning on page 87 in the Reader Gallery, my Diamond for a day LO! I was wary of saying anything as I know all too well how things can get spiked (as we call it) from pages right up until the last minute because of cuts in pages or advertising, but now I can shout it from the rooftops!

It's been a funny old day. I was online and hitting the redial on my landline and mobile phones this morning desparate to get tickets for Take That in Manchester in December. Both me and my friend failed miserably. Then my magazine came and that cheered me up. I went to get a bath and when I came back down more new dates had been released and some were already sold out! Well I jumped back online and after another few failed attempts I managed to bag two tickets to London O2 (former Millennium Dome) on December 7! It's going to be a long journey getting down there from Leeds but well worth it! I wasn't a fan until a friend - the same one I'm taking this time - took me to last year's concert and I had an amazing night. I totally love the new album too, oh, and Jason is a bit scrummy! Lol! Here's a little treat for all you other Jason fans out there.

Also spent the afternoon at fellow scrapper's house and wow, her scraproom is just sooo nice, I'm so envious, all that space, all that daylight, all that stash, I could happily move in! Also busy handing over birthday cards made using the new Easy Patterns for Scrapbooking book, the birthdays all come at once don't they? Also got one to hand over to one of Harry's young friends at his lunch and play date tomorrow. Can't wait, but musn't forget the camera this time!

Bye for now!


Skippie said...

BIG congratulations at being published :D
What a gorgeous layout too!
And the lovely. Now I know where to come for my much needed inspiration ;)

And, jealous am I :o
Hope you have the most wonderful time there :D

A x

Caroline said...

Congratulations Nat, well deserved.....;-)

Claire said...

Aw hunni a big well done on the published LO, I saw it and recongised you straightaway!!

Well done its a lovely LO, and a truly wonderful photo
Well deserved