Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sneak Preview

This is my current project, which I'm sure I've told you about before. It's a recipe tin for all the recipes my mum wrote in her school jotters, with space for a very special one my nana included secretly, her favourite, walnut and date loaf. It will be my mum's birthday present later this month and I hope, when she opens it while we're on holiday, she'll like it. It's just a work in progress at the moment, the creative juices are not flowing today, but then I feel really down about all sorts of nonsense so it's not surprising. Think I will just surf the internet and sulk tonight and get back to scrapping tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day, right?


Anthea said...

Hi Nat

That recipe tin is looking fab! Sorry to hear you're a bit down... chin up gal, it won't last forever! Feel free to PM me on UKS or give me a call (I think you have my mobile number) if you want to chat!

Speak to you later

Claire said...

Hey Nat, the tin looks lovely, I love the colour, and im dam sure your mum will love it.
I blame the time of year for how your feeling, I have never felt so low as I do recently, and my motivation is hiding from me LOL (checks under the bed) but your tin is inspiring me, well done you, looking forward to hearing how much your mum beamed whilst opening it

Caz said...

It's looking lush, I bet your Mum will love it. Hope you are feeling a bit more cheerful...if not it will pass, I am sure.