Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lovin' this project!

I've really gotten into Shimelle's You Think You Know Me project this week. There are some great ideas floating around and I've seen some shining examples of how it can be done so far, plus the prompts are really helping me to get on with mine, which I think is coming along ok.

Tonight I finished my first LO, about being happy. I was only meant to prepare the stash I needed for it so I could take it with me on holiday on Saturday and do some on an evening while ds is asleep, but as usual I got carried away and suddenly it was done! But hey, I can do that for the rest of the album can't I? I'm glad I did finish it, it means I have something to admire in my lovely album and follow when completing LOs for the other emotions.

I'm so excited because I've just been speaking to my mum on the phone from Florida and I love her so much right now (EVEN more than I do anyway!) because she has taken my scrapbooking wish list into Scrapbook Boutique, Michael's and Jo-Ann's and bought pretty much everything on there! I only gave her a list so she could pick a few things out on her travels! I can't wait until she gets back on November 1 to see and stroke it all, although I don't think I can wait that long!

Better go, I promised dh I wouldn't be on here all night again! See you soon you crazy scrappers you :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm into admiring completed work, too! This looks great... congrats on finding some time for it!