Monday, May 03, 2010

Bank holiday fun

Gosh it feels like a Sunday! Hope you've all had a good bank holiday weekend. We spent the day exploring Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds, which was really interesting, although Harry didn't much like walking through 1840s Leeds (he was terrified!) and Gareth really didn't like reading about surgery in those days either (wimp!). But there was still lots of fun to be had on the exhibitions, including a 'toilet lid' that made trumping noises that kept Alex amused for a long while and the bendy mirrors that made us look ridiculously tall or short - hilarious!

After that we went into the city centre - something I very rarely do - and saw how much it has changed. Gareth spent ages browsing the music and game shops while I waited patiently with the boys and I was allowed a quick peek in New Look, where I bought some really pretty new undies, to much moaning from the males. Why is it they are allowed all the time in the world to look at boy toys but whinge whinge whinge when it comes to a tiny spot of girly shopping. So a whizz round Primark to eye up the pretty accessories was out of the question. Sigh. Anyway, while in New Look I spied a beautiful dress to wear to one of the several weddings we're going to this summer, it's just what I have been imagining I want to find, and I have a £10 off voucher that kicks in next week, so if I can find someone fashionable to take with me and give me their honest opinion and help me team up accessories I'm there!

I still don't have all the photos taken last week during the photography seminar, for which I had to don my wedding dress and pose for about 18 cameras - but I do have a sneaky peek for you. I heart it so much, and the others that I have seen a small glimpse of. Can't wait for those, I think a couple will go in little frames for our new bedroom when it gets re-decorated, re-carpeted and re-furnished this summer.

Anyway, that's about it. I have tomorrow off work as my mum's away still, but I have her Jack Russell Terrier to look after, Pip. He's very cute but a pain in the ass - sorry! He constantly whines and paces up and down and gets under my feet all the time. And Alex is really frightened of him (the threat of being licked I think is what he doesn't like!). Oh and he'll only eat expensive cuts of meat! Thank goodness he's only with us for one day!

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