Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eventful day!

It has been a busy old day, mainly fab but I'll get to that in a moment!
It started with a 8.30am food shop, which is miraculous considering there are four of us to get ready and because I was out until half midnight last night zzzz (yes, I finally got out, just for a meal and wine with a friend but I really enjoyed it). Anyway, then we went to collect Gareth's new bike, as in cycle, which he has bought through the government cycle to work scheme, so it turned out good value and he is planning to get healthy and fit by cycling every day *not jealous*.
Then it was on to nearby Kirkstall Abbey for a test ride and we had a great time, the boys on their bikes, playing in the fallen cherry blossom *hearts*, climbing on the ruins and relaxing by the river.

After that it was a hop across the road for lunch at the Vesper Gate pub, where the food was awesome and surprisingly cheap, and fast. I had ribs with Jack Daniels sauce, onion rings and chunky chips, mmmmmm, and even the kids' meals were just as delicious (no I didn't steal, I just helped with leftovers!).

With our hunger satisfied we decided to let the kids play in the abbey playground, just opposite the ruins, and they had a great time...

... until Alex made a rugby tackle move in the direction of the moving roundabout (he might have little legs but man that little boy is fast!) and suffered a nasty blow to the head *sob*, resulting in a lovely fair sized bump *sob sob*. The cold compress didn't help much and although he seemed fine (he wanted to play some more after the tears had stopped) we decided a trip to A&E was in order, to be on the safe side. Gah. A three-hour wait in A&E, not fun, or so you'd think but actually we had a nice time playing with all the toys, with Alex making some temporary new friends (the place was packed) and charming the pants off all the staff. He was assessed and allowed to come home, phew. Hypochondriac mummy over-reacts again (but better safe than sorry I say).

So I am shattered to put it mildly! Bed is calling I think, although I need to eat first, we haven't had dinner yet and my chef, I mean husband, is asleep on the sofa! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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Scraptastic Mel x said...

This is my old stomping ground. We had our wedding pics taken at Kirkstall Abbey - I love it!