Thursday, May 13, 2010

I haven't forgotten!

I'm still here, I've just been so busy in my new job and what a week it has been! We have been busy photographing bumps, babies and beautiful boudoir models, plus a prom dress girl to boost our portfolio. And already one of the shots has won a top award, with others gaining commendations and merits, so exciting! The studio and aftercare service is up and running and the brochures are coming along nicely. And if I really needed a kick up the butt we have booked in to two baby fairs in July so need to have everything ready before then. Phew! I will try and share some photos asap but in the meantime you can check out the Facebook page ABP Portrait Parties.

It has been a better week - Leeds got promoted for starters (about time!) Get in! (I'm talking about football, I seem to have become a fan of late!)

What else have we been up to? A birthday party, me trying desperately to get a night out (and failing miserably, we just can't get anyone to babysit and I seem to have lost touch with my going out friends - don't get me wrong I have plenty of wonderful daytime friends but us all getting out together just proves too much of a logistical nightmare). I also need to get out more on my days off with Alex otherwise two things happen, he repeatedly drags me into the kitchen for yet more snacks (that boy is eating us out of house and home!) or he uses the dining room wall as a scribbling pad!

Thank goodness for wipe-clean emulsion!

A couple more photos before I go, taken at the afore-mentioned birthday party.

Back soon!


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