Saturday, May 29, 2010

London, baby!

It seems forever ago already, but last weekend I spent an absolutely awesome weekend in the capital city visiting my bestest friend Sam and discussing the most important matter of her forthcoming wedding - I'm so excited!

After the coach trip down, we spent the Saturday travelling to my fellow bridesmaid's house for my dress fitting, followed by a yummy Italian lunch and then we spent a couple of hours enjoying the glorious sunshine on Blackheath Common. No children to drive me crazy, and ice cream = bliss! On the Sunday it was another hot and sunny day and after a sleep in, followed by as much time as I wanted to shower, dry my hair and do my make-up totally un-interrupted by children trying to steal and apply said make-up (again, pure bliss), off we went for a spot of window shopping in Milton Keynes. Sadly it was soon time to catch my coach home, sob.

I had been looking forward to the trip all month and had been planning on taking some lovely Hipstamatic photos on my iPhone, but very sadly and annoyingly I broke it in the service station on the way there. Grrrrrrrrr. And all I was trying to do was help save the earth by declining another plastic carrier bag and carrying my magazine, crisps, wallet and phone in my arms instead. Big mistake. Someone bumped into me, my phone went crashing to the hard floor and the screen went white. I could just about answer calls but making calls, texting and taking photos were completely a no go. So you'll have to make do with some make-do photos from Google images.

Not up to much this weekend, but I really want to do some scrapping, something pretty that I can put on the wall. Not sure my mojo (or mood) is up for it, but I might give it a go. I probably should try and finish the mountain of more urgent projects I have started first though, like the wedding bunting and the shrug I want to wear for another wedding. Sigh. I'll report back later.

P.S. There was a happy ending to the iPhone horror story. The broken model was swiftly replaced by courier on Monday morning, who brought me a lovely brand new, shiny, non scratched replacement for free, yay!


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