Friday, May 07, 2010

Is this week over yet?!

It's a bit late to be blogging but it's general election night and the alternative coverage is just too entertaining to switch off - plus it's a little exciting.

Not done any knitting or scrapping the last couple of days as I have been a busy worker bee designing a flyer for the new portrait services/products - it's looking good, just need the models' photos now. We have a newborn and a bump in tomorrow, can't wait!

Anyway, thought I'd pop on to share these picturesque Hipstamatic photos I took earlier of a cherry blossom tree in bloom over my car parking space at a local shopping outlet. It looked so pretty, I love blossom and have a huge canvas photo of me and Harry as a baby peeking from behind blossom-filled branches on my living room wall. I should probably get some pictures done of me and Alex in the blossom before it's all gone.

It has been a mixed week, I have had three lots of wonderful news from three friends but for me it has been a bit crappy with three bad things happening - please let me be done now, otherwise I'm going to my bed and you won't see me til Monday!

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