Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mostly a washout

What a miserable weekend, weather wise and the rest. The first two days of the bank holiday have been cold and wet - in sharp contrast to last weekend - which means we have been stuck indoors and the kids have been very bored, even despite a visit from their uncle, aunt and little cousin and us visiting the grandparents. Today has been warm and sunny for a few minutes at a time, then raining again seconds later. It's so annoying. Still we just about managed to barbecue dinner in between downpours and I got these lovely Hipstamatic pics.

So not a bad day really, except the boys being he'll bent on destruction - harry by eating his way through 7 yoghurts for breakfast (we are so getting a bolt on the downstairs door) and Alex dipping my brand new, expensive bronzed brush in a black eyeshadow (and yes, I did discover this mischief after spreading black powder across my cheeks, scowl). I wonder what fun my little monkeys will bring tomorrow. Sigh.

I'll try and get back on later with a photo of a lovely fabric hair corsage I made last night using an easy but genius Youtube video tutorial :)


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