Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Time off

Having a little break from scrapping tonight, it's just too warm. Plus I have Lost to catch up with on Channel Four - very important! So I'm just surfing the net on the laptop in front of the tv until it starts.

Just worked out today that there are still 40 days until my next week off work. A bit like lent really! I'm in need of a few days off to relax and catch up on my scrapping, but there are no free days I can take until then. They were all gone when I joined a few months back, I just got the few days that were left. I know I need a rest, just time to chill out at home on my own. I've had tonsillitis three times in six weeks because I'm so run down with work and my son, but no doubt I'll have had it another three times before my week off!

Oh well, no point moaning. I'm half way through my working week already and the two busiest days are behind me so here's looking to the weekend. Let's just hope the weather stays nice again.

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