Sunday, July 02, 2006

Start of the circle

Well my 6x6 sarabook arrived yesterday so tonight I was finally able to get started on my first CJ. My theme is favourite colour - mine being turquoise. I've just about got the front cover and my introduction page done now, only the sign-in pages and my own double layout left to do before I send it off in three weeks time!

Well, I've had a lovely weekend. Friday Harry and I met up with some old friends of mine and their babies and toddlers and later that evening we discovered Harry's seventh tooth (well actually, it turns out it was his eighth because he'd been hiding one at the top too for a few days and we only spotted today!). Then yesterday we relaxed at home, watched England play in the World Cup quarter-final (don't even go there!) and had friends round for drinks and a movie (Tank Girl, such a great film, you have to see it if you haven't already). Today we took Harry to a nearby stately home farm to see the animals. It was so busy because it was Race For Life day too - I have so much respect for all the woman running it, it really is such a fantastic cause and I must get fit and sign up next year. The dedications on their backs make me cry. But Harry had a lovely time watching and feeding all the different animals and we got some great pictures for me to scrap later too - can't wait!

Anyway, bed for me now otherwise I'll never get up for work on time tomorrow. Catch you soon.

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Di said...

I love turquoise too, looking forward to seeing the pics x