Friday, July 14, 2006

Has anyone seen my mojo!

Well the lovely stash I've been ordering this week arrived, but in the words of Austin Powers I seem to have lost my mojo. I just can't get motivated or inspired to start a LO. Maybe it's the heat, or the fact I've been so stressed at work this week and feel really tired and run down again - I guess the last thing I should be doing is more work at my desk, even if it is scrapping! I think I will take it easy tonight, and start with a class or a scraplift tomorrow, to ease me back into the swing of things. And in the meantime I can always keep busy filling my lovely new drawers I got from WHSmiths today for £4.99 with stash. :)

ttfn :)

1 comment:

amberjane said...

Your blog looks fab - and your mojo is hiding under that pile of paper over on your desk ( that is usually where mine goes !! ) LOL