Thursday, August 05, 2010

Triangles of doom

Thank goodness that's done. The bunting I had to sew for my brother-in-law's wedding is done. Finally. I didn't realise quite how much time it would take to do, and time ran away with me and I started later than I should have done, and my sewing machine has been a nightmare, which has meant me working all day and pinning and sewing until 1am for the last four nights. Coupled with the five-hour drive down to Bath today I am absolutely shattered. I'm not quite sure how I am still awake and able to blog as I can barely see - but I'll be in trouble with Rachel if I don't lol! I will take some photos of them hung up tomorrow or Saturday and post asap.

In the meantime here's one pic for you, it's me at our fortnightly knit meet-up, which has been re-located to Starbucks at the top of Briggate while West Yorkshire Playhouse has some down time over summer
I really should have been at home sewing, but I figured I'd stay until just past the boys' bedtime as I'd never get anything done with them around anyway and I just really needed an hour or so off to take my mind off it with friends and do something else. I'm glad I did. And if I ever see another fabric triangle in my life it will be too soon.

And the item I'm knitting there I finished just as we pulled up at our destination having finished it on the drive down. It's a baby boy's sleeveless top, and I'm so proud I managed all the shaping without help or without quitting or getting stuck. It looks so cute. I'll post a picture one I attach the buttons and sew in the ends once back in Leeds. But what to start on the journey back, another top or a cute monster? Hmmmmmm.

But back to the matter of Starbucks, look what I got on the way down. Chocolate frappucino, yum!

And a chocolate-dipped marshmallow stick (I had one of those at knit night, yum!)

And only one blurred picture of Harry as he had become camera shy!

Hope I can get some good photos on Saturday, especially as all four of us have had our hair cut and look pretty darned good (this never happens!)

Right, I'm off to crash, laters.


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TwinTrouble said...

Have a lovely time... and looking forward to seeing more pic's.
The boys are growing sooo fast :)