Sunday, August 08, 2010

In the Bath

Oooops, no photos of the wedding to show you yet as they are still all on the D80. I shall post them tomorrow. But I can tell you we had an absolutely awesome day. The wedding was wonderful, the bride gorgeous, the food and drink delicious and the company great. And the boys were total angels all day, they charmed the pants off many of the guests. It was a fab day.

And today has been pretty sweet too. Despite Gareth having man flu, groan. We went into Bath to meet up with other family members and spent the afternoon lunching on Italian food, browsing the kitsch kittle shops and spotting random decorated lions as part of the Lions of Bath charity display.

This one was my favourite, designed by (as if you can't guess!) Cath Kidston. Talking of which, we also went in here...

... and I may have bought a couple of little bits in the sale, ahem.

A button box and pin cushion, seeing as both those things usually end up scattered across my floor.

I also took a photo of the All Saints store for my mum, who wanted to see one after hearing about their window displays of old Singer sewing machines.

And now we are just heading out of Bristol and heading Leeds-bound, and it's my turn to do the driving (or rather it will be after the first stop). And that means no knitting like on the way down here, which reminds me that I finished my baby vest top just as we arrived the other day, so I'll take and share pics just as soon as I've added a button and sewn in the umpteen loose ends.

So, here's hoping for a safe journey back and I will catch up properly tomorrow, hopefully. Byeeeee!


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