Saturday, August 28, 2010

Six years married

Today is mine and Gareth's six-year anniversary. Yikes. Where have those six years gone?! Never mind the eleven we have been together.

So I just wanted to reminisce and share a few wedding photos and memories of our special day, a Saturday just like today.

Me and my late granddad, who gave me away

My favourite photo of the day

Our beautiful cake

Awkward first dance!

And I have also managed to dig out a few pictures of some of the things I made for our wedding, which included the stationery, table plan, favours and even confetti cones.

Rose petal confetti
Table plan, in our colour scheme

My lovely bridal bouquet

It's funny, but looking at these photos now, if I were to be getting married any time soon, I would have a completely different wedding! I mean, I loved our wedding, it was lovely and I wouldn't change a thing about it, but styles and tastes have really changed in six years, particularly mine! That's the problem with my job, every day I see a gorgeous new bridal dress and finishing touches to die for and I get wedding envy (is that even allowed when you have already had your wedding?! Lol!) I would have a different colour scheme completely, a more fitted dress, probably with lace, and I would spend more time being choosy about our venue, things like that. But then aged just 22 (far too young!), paying for most of it ourselves (ambitious!) and me being a little bit pregnant (ok, 14 weeks - but we had been planning the wedding for 18 months before I hear shouts of "shotgun wedding" in my direction!) I should probably be grateful for what we had lol! Maybe I could have another mini wedding blessing when we get to ten years married, and have our two handsome boys as best men, hmmmmm. I'd certainly like some more photos of just the two of us in our wedding attire as we hardly have any, and none really stunning or romantic ones that I would enlarge and frame and hang on the wall. Sigh.

Guess I'll have to make do with this one for now, taken at my brother-in-law's wedding three weeks ago.

Happy anniversary babe, love you.



Rachel said...

congrats hun, wish i knew you then, would have loved to have been there lol, have a great evening xx

Hannah said...

Oh happy anniversary! My wedding bouquet was really similar to yours! I'm with you on the doing things differently, I loved my wedding day but if I got married tomorrow it would look so different! Hope you enjoyed your anniversary celebrations! x