Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pretty things

It has been such a busy week craft-wise - and it's only Tuesday! Yikes!

Last night I was lucky to attend a special Amy Butler night at LYS (local yarn shop) Baa Ram Ewe, with a special guest appearance from the fabulously talented lady herself. It was a busy but really enjoyable evening spent peeking behind the scenes at her beautiful offices and home and drooling over her new fabric, wool and wallpaper ranges. If only my budget was so unlimited. Sigh.

I didn't actually buy any Amy Butler products (that is quite disgraceful!) as I wanted fabric for my new bedroom (no, still not quite there - I don't think it ever will be lol!) and her fabrics are just too bright for the pastels in there, but I did buy these lovely fabrics in various different sizes. Love love love!

They will become cushions and possibly recover my dressing table stool shortly - but not this week at least. Because I am crazy busy organising the mother of all hen events for my best friend Sam, consisting of four different but equally fabulous parts - and she doesnt have a clue about any of it! Organising it has been fun but not too easy seeing as I don't know the city (London) or most of the hen's friends. But I think we are nearly there now, which is good as it all kicks off this Saturday! I can't wait!

I have also been busy knitting up Sam's bridal capelette, plus two more for me and the other bridesmaid Tracey, ready for Sunday when I will be having my dress fitting and Sam will be buying her undies at the gorgeous Rigby and Peller. I'm going to cry seeing her in her stunning dress again! And here is her matching capelette - I really hope it matches and fits.

Sorry for the poor quality photo, I haven't seen daylight at home for three days because of Amy Butler night yesterday and knit night tonight. I will try get some better ones before it goes off to it's recipient, and maybe even some from this weekend if you're lucky! :)


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Nat said...

Cor sounds like you've been busy! How lucky meeting Amy Butler, her fabrics are gorgeous and I'd love to have the time to take up sewing :) xx