Friday, August 13, 2010

Knitted baby vest

Finally got round to weaving in the millions of ends on my knitted baby vest top, and getting it photographed in some natural daylight... and here's the result:

I really enjoyed making this, and I'm so pleased I managed to work the shoulders and arm holes without help or too much difficulty - and they look quite neat too, hurrah!

 P.S. Do you like my brightly-coloured new table cloth - it was only £3 for one metre in Dunelm Mill and is worth every penny to protect my table from the boys' dinner/crayons/glue!

I think this one will be heading off in the direction of Naomi's baby boy, who is for now nicknamed Smudge, although I might make a couple more for other friends who are expecting (oh, that's pretty much everyone right now!) I think I need to find a suitable baby girl project too (or maybe I could knit the above in pink? Hmmmmm.)

The weather has been so rubbish for weeks now, so we haven't really done as many fun outdoor things as we'd planned to. It's bucketing it down again today, so we are stuck indoors and B.O.R.E.D. (hence the reason for middle-of-the-day blogging).

So on that note I'm going to try and get a few things done, and as with some of my fellow bloggers, who I follow, I'm going to write my to-do list here in the hope it may actually motivate me to complete a few items. So here goes:

1) Finish the paint touching-up in our bedroom (yes, still)
2) Sew and hang the second and final roman blind using the pretty rose fabric I bought (might have to borrow my sister's sewing machine again though if mine doesn't play nice)
3) Take photos of the finished room (I am so close now promise!)
4) Plough through the washing pile (ahem, mountain)
5) Scrap at least one layout (it has been too long - again)
6) Decide on a new knitting project and cast it on (just don't seem to be motivated to do this, I don't know why)

Right, so if you see me online please kick me off to get some of the above done, and hopefully next time I blog I'll be able to cross a couple of those off (here's hoping!) :)



Sally said...

lovely vest indeed hun :O)

I to need a list online maybe it will keep my mind occupied whilst the rain POURS!!!!!and Bella sleeps!! looking forward to seeing what you create :O)

Sarah said...

Very sweet vest! It would be lovely in shades of pink too!! I blogged my to do list and it has helped motivate me...hey, I even finished two layouts!! :)

Hannah said...

Oh I wish I could knit! Natalie that vest is AMAZING! You're so clever! Hope the to-do list goes well! x

Liz said...

That is a lovely vest!! The colours are perfect together!!