Monday, August 09, 2010

Wedding photos

Here they are, as promised, a few pictures from my brother-in-law's lovely wedding on Saturday.

Beautiful dress - love the length!

Back of said beautiful dress

Sumptuous cheese cake - literally!

Cutting the cake - force needed!

First dance

Alex catching bubbles

I have loads more to polish up and give to the happy couple and family members. The white marquee was perfect for taking photos with all that lovely natural but diffused light, and many of my photos show off the colourful bunting and it really does frame the shot nicely in them. It was definitely worth the time and effort - not to mention the blood, sweat and tears - I poured into it.

So all that's left to say for today is congratulations to Andrew & Kat and I will be back tomorrow, hopefully having finished my knitted baby vest top so I can share a photo or two.



Sarah said...

Adorable photos! Looks like a great day, and the bunting is so cute!

{ Emma } said...

Those photos are stunning. I agree about the light as well... very flattering.

I'm sure everyone will be over the moon with the photos.

It also gives me great hope for a wedding I'm attending at the start of September. I'm not the "official" photographer but will hopefully get some nice ones for the couple. It's being held in a marquee too so fingers crossed for some lovely light!