Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grab a cuppa!

Hello bloggers, and a very special welcome if you've hopped across here from my lovely friend Rachel's blog *waves hello frantically!* I hope you like what you see enough to follow/bookmark me, and then I'd love to come nosy at your own blog (I love blog hopping, but then who doesn't?!)

Anyway, I just wanted to pop on quickly and a) say hello and b) share with you a couple of quick creations I have made for a group birthday surprise swap (hmmm, I hope my recipient doesn't read this!)

First up is this cute coffee cup cosy, which I first intended to make for Harry's teacher as her end of year gift - and I still will, but for now, this one is for the birthday girl (actually, it's her half birthday as her actual birthday is Christmas Day!)

I made it with ties at the top and bottom and a button and buttonhole through the handle to make it nice and secure and fitting well. I'm so pleased with it as I didn't follow a pattern, I just adapted it to fit the shape of the cup as I went along. I probably should have written it down though. I bet I won't be able to do another now! But then I guess there's no 'one size fits all' pattern when it comes to knitting a cup cosy as all cups are different.

I also made her a little rose headband too as I know how much she loves her headwear - so I hope this goes down well too.

If you like that, you can see and buy similar but much better hair accessories in Rachel's shop, which I'm very bad for not mentioning yet! Check it out, her things are really lovely and very reasonably priced too.

I'm also now on with my best friend's bridal shrug for her wedding in October, I'd like to complete it in plenty of time so I can make sure it fits when I see her (which isn't often enough as we live too far apart) and alter it if necessary. I'm also still motoring away with my bed runner blanket thingymabobby. And I really MUST get on with that wedding bunting as that big day is now just 5 weeks away, yikes! Then my next project will definitely be one for me, and is inspired by Rachel (as I very often am!). A couple of weeks back she blogged about a new purchase, Cath Kidston's Sew book, which comes with everything you need to make a gorgeous shoulder bag in her beautiful floral fabric. I saw her finished bag and I was straight on Amazon snapping up my own bargain copy. I really can't wait to start, and finish, because the bag (pictured on the front cover below) is just so pretty and perfect for summer.

Right, I really must dash, the new bedroom wardrobes are finally being delivered tomorrow and because of the heat and work commitments we have got absolutely no further with the decorating. So guess what I'll be doing today?!

Back soon :)



Hannah said...

Hello, i've come from Rachel's blog! loving all your pretty things! you're one talented lady!

Liz said...

Hello I've blog hopped!!!

Something I always enjoy, especially when I find a lovely blog like yours!!!

Natalie said...

Thank you both for coming over and leaving such s lovely comment each *blushes* :)