Friday, June 25, 2010

Project bedroom... and sheep! Baaaaa!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, I have been so busy attending a family wedding (and you don't want to be bored with someone else's wedding photos!), working, looking after the boys, erm, that's about it really, so I feel like I haven't had much to come on here and share with you.

But! Today I can share another sneak peek at my new bedroom project. I got two of these lovely bedside tables on eBay and was a little disappointed at the colour - it can only be described as smoker's yellow, yack! But that turned out to be a good thing as it prompted me to crack open the paint and rummage through my old scrapbook papers to totally transform them into something so pretty that will match the new room. And here we are - do you likey? Me very much likey!

The colour is pashmina - which I think describes the shade perfectly.

Check out those sexy legs!

Imagine those drawer fronts once I have collected and attached the most lovely clear glass pumpkin-style knobs - to match the gorgeous dressing table I'm going to paint in the same colour - happy sigh!

I had started to struggle with the new decor and making sure the different elements all tied in, but I found the most inspiring and useful website ever and now I'm planning more handmade items for the room than Kirsty Allsopp has in her entire home lol! Anyway, you simply have to check out the Ideal Home magazine website gallery - but be warned, you might lose a few hours of your day in there! Don't say I didn't warn you, that's all!

And, just in case you'e still here I've changed my mind, I am going to bore you with a couple of wedding photos from last weekend, but only because they're of my boys, who looked super cute in their little suits!

Me and Alex (me wearing my hand knitted shrug)

Alex, awwwww, he looks so grown up!

Alex and big brother Harry

Gareth's cousin and his beautiful bride outside the church

The wedding, reception and our hotel were located in the most lovely little villages, Saddlesworth and Marsden, situated somewhere between Huddersfield and Manchester, and I spied some absolutely sweet little shops that I would love to visit (sadly they were all closed on the Sunday, sob!). I think as it's not that far away at all we will go visit next time we have a free sunny Saturday and I can't wait. Saying that, this Saturday is looking pretty exciting! I'm going to Woolfest, woo hoo!

So, providing I remember to take my trusty little camera I will be back sometime over the weekend to report back. Eeeeeeeeeeep, lovely views of the Cumbrian countryside and shopping for scrummy soft yarns, yay, I can't wait!

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