Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello Bloggerland. I said I would be back today to share details and photos of the goodies I picked up at Woolfest. So here I am, reporting for duty. There's not much as I'm watching the pennies thanks to the bedroom refurbish and also because I have so much yarn already to use. But here goes.

First up is this lovely King Cole bamboo cotton yarn in fab bright colours. It feels so lush. I think this will make something for Alex, possibly a hat and scarf for winter, I'm not sure yet!

These I was happy to find as I needed smaller needles to knit a baby jacket that's on my to do list and I'm always in need of extra cables. And I was even happier that they came from the online store where I always buy my needles, which had a little stand there, yay! It's (or possibly - check it out as they are the best value with very reasonable p&p.

I also bought a yard of this pretty bargain fabric, which has a lovely subtle shine to it and will no doubt find it's way into a bedroom project shortly. And yeah, I know what you're thinking, fabric? At Woolfest?! That's exactly what I thought too, but hey, I ain't complaining!

And these pretty little stitch markers I just couldn't resist, they're just too cute! Not to mention useful - I have the other two on my bed runner, which is coming along very nicely, in fact I think it doubled in size yesterday with all the coach knitting. Still a long way to go though.

So what has everyone been doing today? Did you watch the big game? Hmmm, probably the less said about that the better huh? I didn't watch it, instead I made the most of the peace and quiet outside to sit in the sunshine with my knitting and a nice cold drink. It was bliss! We've had a good afternoon in the garden with the boys playing on the bouncy castle. It looked a lot like this:

And then came the footie, groan!

Oh well, at least we can all go back to having a life again now. Sigh.


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