Monday, June 07, 2010

Fun in the sun!

We spent a lovely day on Friday (was it Friday? The weekend has past by soooo fast!) at Kirkstall Abbey again. Yes, we had been recently, but it's just such a lovely, beautiful and tranquil place to play and chill out on a hot sunny day. We chose a peaceful spot by the river, partly in the shade (for the boys) and partly in the sun (for my pasty legs!) - or at least it was peaceful until we arrived! We had a picnic and the boys played with their igloo tent, bike, scooter and football and then we all had ice cream, yum. It was a really lovely day and I hope we have many more this summer.

For now it's full throttle on with our new bedroom - but I'll bore you with the details of how that's coming along in another post as well as some really cute pictures of my grandma's gorgeous new puppy, awwwww!


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