Saturday, June 26, 2010

Woolfest is the best!

Wowee what a day, I am shattered! Today was Woolfest day, which meant a 5.30am start, a drive to meet up with the group from Baa Ram Ewe in Headingley, a coach trip up to Cumbria (taking in the stunning scenery en route) and then being amazed by the wool and yarn on sale. I might have even bought a few little treats at a couple of my existing and new favourite shops, in between the gasping as well as the knitting, chatting, sipping coffee and lunching with my travel buddy Naomi.

And we even made a few furry new friends, including a gorgeous eight-week old lamb (awwwww!) and some alpacas that looked a lot like oversized poodles lol!

We saw some fab crafts (like knitting with fabric and needles that looked like swords!) and met some lovely, interesting and knowledgable people). I can't believe how much we packed into one day! And, although a little tired, we had a fab coach journey back knitting while watching and singing along to Mamma Mia on the tv! I hadn't seen it before and hadn't been too fussed but I quite liked it! And we enjoyed some more lovely views too.

Now it's 10pm, I have been up 17 hours (having only had six hours sleep the night before) so I'm heading off to bed. But I will be back soon with some pictures of today's purchases :)

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