Sunday, July 04, 2010

Show and tell

Today has been a show and tell kinda day, as my lovely friend Rachel said - and I agree. We haven't seen each other in a while so had lots to show and tell each other. I saw her lovely crocheted blankets and cute knitted toys (you can see these on her blog - link on the right -------> ) and I showed my knitted bed runner so far. It's really coming along and I got a bit more done while there, although my hangover from a long awaited and much needed night out didnt fill me with enthusiasm. Bad Natalie. And then she helped me sew my fab Cath Kidston fabric bag project that cane with the fab Sew book. Thank goodness she did too otherwise I would have made a right pig's ear of it! But it looks good and I love it lots :)

So what next? Hmmm, well Rachel's toys got me to thinking I could really do with a couple of cute toys for the baby fair I'll be doing in a fortnight. Although I'm leaning more towards making them in fabric for speed and ease, but on the other hand I have seen some gorgeous knitted patterns too. Decisions decisions! Considering I have so much on lately I know which I should probably go for!


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Rachel said...

cute cute, i had a lovely day, got my little yellow cardi to work on in the car :) xx