Friday, July 16, 2010

Twit twoo

Just popping on to share a photo of this cute little fell that I have somehow managed to knit up in an evening-and-a-bit.

His name is... erm, well actually he doesn't have a name yet. I'm not feeling very inspired today. Anyone wanna help me?! If you have anything at all please leave me a comment. :)

Or if you'd like to make your own little owl (and it is a really quick and easy pattern with lots of photos and step-by-step instructions, so ideal for beginners) you can buy and download the Ravelry pattern here.

So, tomorrow is the baby fair, which means I really must get off here and sort out the final preparations, despite feeling totally and utterly rubbish today. I have no energy and could only just manage sewing up my owl.  Hmmm, this could take a while!

And in case you were wondering, no, I'm not much further on the bedroom decorating front. I was meant to be wallpaper stripping and papering today, but, well it didn't happen. I have done a few little odd jobs here and there, which is about all that can be done with my two boys under my feet. Oh well, maybe in another lifetime it might actually get finished and then my ghost can share some photos with you. Sigh.


TwinTrouble said...

Ollie Owl :)

He's a cutie... congratulations on finishing him... i'm sure your bedroom will be finished eventually, just keep focusing on the bigger picture and you'll get there... I keep telling myself the same thing about this place, I will get it how I want it... eventually :)

Rachel said...

how bout archie cute huh? was he for the baby show decor or for alex? oh and thanks for the pattern really appreciate it, is it DK?