Monday, July 05, 2010

Sneak preview

I don't often make cards any more (I just don't have time to, sigh) but this was a special occasion that deserved a special card. Alex's childminder passed her driving test at the weekend, on her, erm, well I'm not entirely sure how many attempts it took her as she stopped telling me after the third, bless. So a huge congratulations to her and I hoped she liked her card, which I kinda cobbled together late last night.

Still chipping away at the bedroom refurb, slowly. It is taking forever with just little bits being done here and there when time, and funds, allow. I was starting to run out of enthusiasm for it, but then I spotted the price tag on this lovely wire mannequin jewellery holder in the window of a PDSA shop near my mum's house. I had seen it a couple of weeks back and decided to wait until I had more spare cash, and today it was down to half price! So I just had to snap it up to match the larger version I have hanging on the back of my door (see my earlier post).

And here a few more of the little details that will feature in the finished room.

These are sooooo cute! From Wilkinson.

Another Wilkinson purchase. It was white but I painted it using the same paint I'll be using on the woodwork, a lovely metallic pinky cream.

These were a random find in Morrisons, tealight holders to match the little birdies.

These (I got two) lovely faux orchids (I'm not allowed real flowers in our bedroom because Gareth's hayfever is so bad, booooo) were an Ikea special - oh! I think there's a sale on, I might have to go back!

These are cut out silhouettes of Harry (top) and Alex (bottom), which we had done on separate occasions in Walt Disney World, Florida, at the same little stall in the Old Town area. They have been stored since we got them (Harry's about three years ago and Alex's in February) and finally I have found the perfect place where they match the decor, next to the new mirrored wardrobes (did I mention those took six hours to construct?! Yikes!) My mum has the replica copy of each (you get two - the other is a mirror image, which we also had framed), as well as ones of me and my sisters and my niece on her landing. So they remind me of my mum's home. Here they are close up.



It's amazing how true a likeness they are! I wish I was that talented - the staff members who can whip those up in less than five minutes are amazing.

Right. Off to continue sorting out afore mentioned bedroom - there's still clothes and junk that need sorting/storing and I really really need to start on the wallpaper stripping and hanging. Gah.

Back soon!

N xXx

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