Sunday, July 11, 2010

From crap... to scrap

It has been a crap, trying day. Harry is being an absolute nightmare at the moment and today he excelled himself. Our house is a mess because for every room I tidy he trashes at least two more. Every time I turn my back he is rifling through, moving or ruining something else of mine, like my jewellery, my cosmetics (and never the cheap stuff) and today my baby box of irreplaceable memories. And Alex, because he idolises him so much, joins right in. I could just swing for him right now.

But seeing as we had such a good day yesterday for Gareth and his dad's birthdays (yes, they share the same birthday, this is both a blessing and a curse, actually, just a curse!) and to try and cheer me up on this rubbish day I sat down for some much needed scrapping while Gareth watched the boring football, yawn, zzzzz. And I finally got some Hipstamatic photos scrapped, hurrah!

I had been wondering how to use those cherry papers for ages!

I also made these lovely gift vouchers this week for Saturday's baby fair - really looking forward to that. It's at my old high school though, and I haven't been back in 12 years (and I couldn't wait to get away back then lol!). Yikes!

Right, I've had enough of today, bedtime me thinks. Back soon.


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