Friday, July 09, 2010

And on, and on...

Project bedroom continues. Yeah yeah, I know, this is getting pretty boring now, yawn, and I'm just as annoyed it's not yet finished. Nowhere near in fact. One child-free day is all it would take me, but where the hell do I find me one of those?! I guess the slow progress is my own fault for wanting to make so many of the contents!

Anyway, that leads me on to this picture, my gorgeous new fabric, which I have already sewn into a Roman blind for the room. One down, one to go. I love it, it's just the right colour, the roses match the bedding I bought and it was only £13 for the two metres I needed, plus a couple more pounds for the wooden dowels, hooks and string, hurrah!

I also had a whizz round a fab trade place about five minutes from my home called Country Baskets this week. It sells everything from fake flowers and decorative home items to gifts and some craft stuff. It was heaving - thanks to a coach load of pensioners arriving just before me (how did they all become card holders?! Lol!) - and i was nearly late for collecting Harry from school, but it was worth it as I got these all for between £2 and £3.

Wooden 'Love' word to hang.

Ceramic heart to match my other purchases.

And this gorgeous plaque, which just hits the nail on the head with the sort of look I'm trying to achieve.

I also got a fab duo coat hook with little crystal ends but forgot to take a photo. But then I hope to be showing you pictures of the finished room soon anyway (that'll be the day, eh?!)

Back soon with pictures of some pretty gift vouchers I've handmade for next week's baby fair. :)



Rachel said...

i think you need to take me there! pretty pretty things xx

Natalie said...

Any time Hun :) x