Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm in awe...

... at the UKScrappers mini cyber crop class I just took by JoolsG at PaperArts, it is inspiring and I have enjoyed taking part so much this evening. Although, cutting out all those paisleys has made me determined to save enough money for a Craft Robo before the next cyber crop. It's my birthday this month and I'm also due to get some money for selling one of my stories to a national magazine so hopefully I'll have just about enough then. Dh is already moaning but as he treated himself to an X-Box not so long ago, at the same price, he has no right to! Anyway, back to the class, I'm so pleased with how my effort turned out. I've scrapped our last family holiday to Florida two years ago, a few months before I got married and had my little boy and my sister had her daughter. I hope to include it in the A-Z book I'm planning to complete one day along with a list of other things. I just can't decide whether to file it under F for Florida or H for holiday!

Sorry about the poor quality picture, my camera batteries died before I could get a better one. I think I'll retake it under daylight tomorrow!

Right, better go catch some zzzzzs before work, I was hoping to be finished and tucked up in bed an hour ago, but that was before I kept cutting out paisleys the wrong way round!

Bye for now :)

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