Saturday, August 19, 2006

And more photos

I haven't really done much today. Took ds out for a bit of scrapbook shopping while dh listened to the football. Bought some lovely sewing machine thread which I can't wait to try out later, some buttons and embroidery threads that were on offer at £1 and this month's copy of Creative Scrapbooking, which has finally hit the shelves this week. Good job I have my newsagent reserve me a copy otherwise I would have given up looking for it by now!

Anyway, here are the rest of the photos I wanted to post yesterday of our visit to The Deep. I am in love with the picture of ds and me by the sea and I think it will be the next photo I scrap, after the CJ DLO I'm currently working on. Dh is getting really good with the digital SLR camera my mum lent to us, I haven't been able to get near it but I don't mind as he's given me loads of great photographs to scrap so I'm happy!

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