Saturday, August 19, 2006

Me again

Just popped back on because I wanted to post another photo I took of Harry earlier today. Dh had been looking after him while I tidied up my scrapping space and when I came back downstairs dh was snoring on the sofa and Harry was asleep on the floor! He must have been really tired as it can't have been that comfy! He looked so cute though I had to snap this photo of him on the little digital camera. This is definitely one to scrap very soon.

Right I'm off to get some scrapping done so I can start posting some photos of completed LOs as well soon!


bumpybecky said...

he looks so cute Natalie :) it's amazing sometimes the positions children find comfortable!

Saraheliza said...

Hi Natalie, just found your blog.

that photo is really cute.

Jay said...

That is soooooooo sweet.